Since 1993

The Phantom Foodie of Portsmouth

is a greater Portsmouth area resident who spends free time enjoying and reporting on local food and entertainment around greater Portsmouth.

Dining out is a pleasant experience if you know where to go and what is out there.  The Portsmouth Phantom Foodie has done the homework for you. Get the inside scoop on the best local eating establishments including casual lunch spots, best desserts, great atmosphere, delectable dining experiences, and more.

With high expectations, Portsmouth's Phantom Foodie will not recommend a dinner spot or breakfast nook if it doesn't meet the taste test, cleanliness standards, and favorable experience quota demanded by the foodie.

"When a restaurant or a coffee house pleases me, I want to tell someone. It means there are folks in the kitchen who care. A team of professionals who know how to keep me & my foodie friends coming back for more."

The Phantom Foodie