Coffee Wars,  3

Now as I cruise the blocks to seek a new brew spot, I am joined around every corner by small enclaves of lost patrons,  searching as if they've lost their homeland,  lost their sense of direction,  lost their sense of belonging.

No longer sure where their next scone will be coming from,  where their next splash of real cream will be poured.

What will the flavor be?  Will it be a dark roast?  Will it be a blend?  When will we again find the diversity,  the sheer availability of single origin brews to choose from.  When will we enjoy once more the luxury of a good coffee place big enough to hold us all together in one space.

Will our desire and our search for good coffee always be doomed to a chance encounter or will we eventually become satisfied with the simple choice of a decent medium roast.

For the benefit of those just tuning in,  just returning perhaps for the season, I have compiled a few reviews of those alternative coffee venues that I will now impart to my readers. The Phantom Foodie of Portsmouth will share the results of our findings. The joys and the pain of testing new brews & drips beneath the shadow of our lost coffee home.  We're searching out the acceptable alternatives to be found across our newly splintered center of town.

It's a chance for new opportunity, for different blocks to take center stage.  A chance for small shops down alleyways and around corners to find new market shares, new customers to serve, new grounds to conquer.

Who will come out on top in the new battle for the hearts and mouths of Portsmouth's coffee connoisseurs?

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