Kaffee Vonsolln

Is our top choice for coffee and pastry combined. A cup of their medium roast coffee is as good as it gets in greater Portsmouth today.

For me the quality of the bean and the brew is my number one priority.  But it should be accompanied by a really good piece of pastry. This authentic German bakery is a fixture on Daniel St.  The small intimate setting has been a frequent stop for me since their doors opened in 2010.  When the doors to Breaking New Grounds were locked last month this was my first choice and after more research into other venues in search of a good cup of coffee it remains my top choice. Not surprisingly it is the same for many others. Sunday mornings the line reaches the door. At Kaffee Vonsolln the friendly service and delicious Kirsch Kuchen are worth waiting in line for.


Visit Kaffee Vonsolln

79 Daniel Street, Portsmouth NH 03801