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The Coffee Wars

Portsmouth Downtown has lost its center. Every weekend since the closing of that landmark coffee making establishment "Breaking New Grounds" I find the town's people wandering around the downtown forced to avoid that familiar central spot, that central meeting place, in search of other brewing and grinding arrangements.  Even though the town still sports numerous high priced coffee shops and houses, the absence of this one local favorite creates a coffee crater in the center of town. Creating tremors and repercussions for blocks even miles away as coffee connoisseurs travel in search of a new favorite.

As a coffee eater I am well acquainted with most of the alternatives in the area. Finding a replacement for my morning cup of single origin Central or South American brew has been filled with surprise and disappointment.

Surprising when I actually find something that measures up to that featured daily roast from the now no longer, corner coffee roasting house.

Disappointing when I am forced to pour from a spicket that's tagged "Morning Blend".

It was not just the quality of the roasts or the clarity of the pour overs, not only the froth of the cappuccino. It was the location of the people. It was the place people came to meet, to see who was about, to sit and read while the rest of the world wanders in and out.

The service was fast and efficient, pleasant and entertaining. The customer experience was consistent, the good flavor was dependable and the location was central.


Coffee Wars continued....